Chris Herzfeld






The Great Apes: A Short History


The Yale University Press

New Haven & London


Avec une préface du Dr. Jane Goodall









Préface de Jane Goodall





1. The Uncanniness of Similitude: Wild Men, Simians, and Hybrid Beings

2. Skeletons, Skins, and Skulls: Apes in the Age of Colonial Expansion and Natural History Collections

3. Apes as Guinea Pigs: Primates and Experimental Research

4. Great Apes in the Eyes of Scientists: What Does It Mean to Be an Ape ?

5. Apes That Think They Are Human: Astronaut Apes, Painting Apes, Talking Apes

6. Conquering the Field: Pioneers, the Quest for Origins, and Primates

7. Socialities, Culture, and Traditions Among Primates: When the Boundary Between Humans and Apes Blurs

8. Women and Apes: Sex, Gender, and Primatology


Conclusions: Becoming-Human, Being-Ape



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